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CSA-GTP Certification 

Formation incograin


Perimeters :

Good storage practices for direct deliveries from farm
Simple mechanical operations
Buy, store and sale raw materials for feeding animals and composite feeds
Non OGM Module

Current state :

Contractualization with a certification company
Certified company

2021-04-13 06:27:27



List of member companies

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The specifications of the CSA-GTP certification have changed. You'll find below a notice explaining the evolutions for January 1st, 2021. The full range of documents (code, audit and certification regulation, transport appendix, etc) is also available here.

Note to certified operators and certification bodies (jan. 2021). [PDF, french]

Covid-19: The measures taken in response to the pandemic have an impact on the planning of your audits planned in the coming months. Below are the actions taken regarding your upcoming audits.

Covid-19 - Note to operators and certification bodies (march 2020). [PDF, french]

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Ascending order on company names
Company Certifications Membership number State Certified until
TB STOCKAGE   CollectionStorageSales FR18A-56-1421 01/05/2022
TD2S SARL   CollectionStorage FR13N-76-1268 25/04/2022
TECNOR-SOFAC   CollectionStorageSalesTransportSimple mechanical operations FR17A-29-1391 05/11/2023
TERAVIA SA   CollectionStorageSalesTransport FR03N-08-093 17/07/2022
TERDICI APPRO   CollectionStorageSalesTransport FR16N-35-1381 05/11/2023
TERIALIS   SalesTransport FR13C-55-1270 26/06/2022
TERIALIS - EMC2   CollectionStorageSalesTransport FR03C-55-1003 26/06/2022
TERIALIS - LOEB UNEGO SA   CollectionStorageSalesTransportNon OGM Module FR03N-57-086 21/03/2022
TERIALIS-HOUPIEZ   CollectionStorageSalesTransport FR03N-55-1094 26/06/2022
TERNOVEO   CollectionStorageSalesTransportGood storage practices for direct deliveries from farm FR03N-59-001 15/09/2022
TERRE COMTOISE   CollectionStorageSalesTransport FR07C-25-1190 21/04/2022
TERRENA   CollectionStorageSalesTransportGood storage practices for direct deliveries from farm FR04C-44-1127 28/02/2022
TERRES BOCAGE GATINAIS   CollectionStorageSalesTransport FR03C-77-1008 24/05/2022
TERRES D'AVENIR   CollectionStorageSalesTransportGood storage practices for direct deliveries from farmSimple mechanical operations FR16N-08-1365 01/09/2022
TERRYA, La Maison de l'Eleveur   CollectionStorageSalesTransport FR20N-12-1545 16/07/2023
TETRASEM SAS   CollectionStorageSales FR16A-35-1362 17/10/2023
THEBAULT CONSEIL   Sales FR20C-72-1571 04/02/2024
THOMAS SAS   FR20N-12-1557  
TIJOU SAS   CollectionStorageSalesTransport FR04N-49-109 07/11/2021
TRACE 86   SalesTransportGood storage practices for direct deliveries from farm FR19N-86-1474 22/08/2022
TRANSPORTS JAFFREDO SAS   CollectionStorageTransport FR19A-56-1518 08/02/2023
TRANSPORTS JEAN JUIN SAS   CollectionStorageTransport FR18A-56-1423 21/01/2022
TRESCARTE SAS   CollectionStorageSalesTransport FR20N-43-1560 02/07/2023
UCA SILO DE FROUARD   Storage FR03C-54-1026 28/03/2023
UCAL - VAL'LIMAGNE.COOP   CollectionStorageSalesTransport FR05C-03-1150 23/02/2023
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