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List of member companies

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Covid-19: The measures taken in response to the pandemic have an impact on the planning of your audits planned in the coming months. Below are the actions taken regarding your upcoming audits.

Covid-19 - Note to operators and certification bodies (march 2020). [PDF, french]

The specifications of the CSA-GTP certification have changed. You'll find below a notice explaining the evolutions for January 1st, 2020. The full range of documents (code, audit and certification regulation, transport appendix, etc) is also available here.

Note to certified operators and certification bodies (dec. 2019). [PDF, french]
Note to certified operators and certification bodies (jul. 2019). [PDF, french]

Descending order on company names
Company Certifications Membership number State Certified until
UNION COOPS BIO CEREALES - UCBC   Sales FR19A-60-1522 Member;Certified;; 24/02/2023
UNION BIO SEMENCES   Storage FR20C-91-1548 Member;Certified;; 07/06/2023
UNICOR   CollectionStorageSalesTransportBonnes pratiques de stockage en vue de livraisons directes ferme FR17C-12-1397 Member;Certified;; 01/11/2020
UFAB   CollectionStorageSalesTransport FR17A-22-1387 Member;Certified;; 19/01/2023
UCASSEM - Union des Coopératives Agricoles Sud Seine et Marne   CollectionStorage FR19C-77-1459 Member;Certified;; 10/07/2022
UCAP - UNION DE COOPERATIVES AGRICOLES DU POITOU-CHARENTES   StorageTransport FR05C-86-1147 Member;Certified;; 23/08/2021
UCAL-COOPACA   CollectionStorageSalesTransport FR03C-03-1075 Member;Certified;; 23/02/2023
UCAL VERLADIS   CollectionStorageSalesTransport FR17N-23-1389 Member;Certified;; 23/02/2023
UCAL STOCKAGE   CollectionStorageSalesTransport FR18C-03-1418 Member;Certified;; 23/02/2023
UCAL - VAL'LIMAGNE.COOP   CollectionStorageSalesTransport FR05C-03-1150 Member;Certified;; 23/02/2023
UCA SILO DE FROUARD   Storage FR03C-54-1026 Member;Certified;; 28/03/2023
TRESCARTE SAS   CollectionStorageSalesTransport FR20N-43-1560 Member;Certified;; 02/07/2023
TRANSPORTS JAFFREDO SAS   CollectionStorageTransport FR19A-56-1518 Member;Certified;; 08/02/2023
TRACE 86   SalesTransportBonnes pratiques de stockage en vue de livraisons directes ferme FR19N-86-1474 Member;Certified;; 22/08/2022
TIJOU SAS   CollectionStorageSalesTransport FR04N-49-109 Member;Certified;; 07/11/2021
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